School GPA and Attendance Report

GPA and attendance data reports serve as valuable metrics for schools to assess student performance, identify areas for academic intervention, and allocate resources more effectively. These data sets can also help educators spot trends, such as correlations between attendance and academic achievement, thereby enabling targeted strategies to enhance student engagement and success.

This report was produced for a high school using data extracted from their database. It includes GPA, attendance and disciplinary infraction statistics and shows how they are correlated. Various charts and graphs are used to visualize this data, making it easy for teachers, parents and other stakeholders to understand.

An analysis on GPA distributions was done to demonstrate the efficacy of teaching at the school. Additionally, weak points of the school’s operations were identified and recommendations for improvements were provided.

Download the full School Report PDF.

For privacy reasons, original data has been replaced with fabricated data for the fictional Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

School Report